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Drunk Guy Lights His SUV On Fire And Tries To Drive

Drunk Guy Lights His SUV On Fire And Tries To Drive, originally uploaded by Rob Boudon.

And I got the whole thing on video...


My roommate Jill Hanner XGobobeanX and I were enjoying a peaceful night at home when suddenly A drunk guy drives a vehicle into some gated private property behind my apartment and begins ramming it into piles of wood and metal. We called the police and informed them what was taking place.

The car quickly catches on fire. The drunk guy pounds the car with pieces of metal. He climbs back into the car honks the horn and it blows out in a firey puff. The drunk guy begins pushing his fire engulfed car backwards while yelling and swearing. A second guy grabs him from the inferno minutes before an explosion takes place. The FDNY begin dousing the flames and a second explosion is heard. The NYPD arrive and the drunk guy starts running from the scene. The police quickly stop him, handcuff him and throw him in their van.

Some have asked why we didn't "run down and save him" ourselves. 5 Main reasons...

1. There is a barbed wire fence between us and the private property the drunk guy broke into.
2. It's dangerous, if the drunk guy is strong enough to push a flaming car he could easily overpower us.
3. The drunk guy could have a firearm or a weapon.
4. There is another guy with him and we couldn't determine if he was friend or foe.
5. Shock. Until we saw the drunk guy get pulled away from the car, we were seriously concerned for his life. This took place close to midnight so imagine being jarred awake from sleepy time.

A big thanx goes out to all of NYC emergency teams for their quick response time on this! Thank you the NYPD, FDNY and Emergency Medical Teams!

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