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Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle - Bioshock Infinite

Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle - Bioshock Infinite


I took some photos of my Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle for fellow fans of Bioshock.


Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle - Bioshock Infinite

Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle - Bioshock Infinite

Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle - Bioshock Infinite


Kishi Bashi at TEDMED 2013

Check out Kishi Bashi performing at TEDMED 2013. K is someone I had the pleasure of photographing a few years ago. My cousin, Brandon LaGanke was directing his "Manchester" music video and I was shooting stills for the project. Good to see he is doing well!

Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi

Here is Manchester directed by Brandon LaGanke...



10 Years in New York City!

NYC, originally uploaded by Rob Boudon.

In March of 2003 I moved out of a barn in Ohio to Harlem in New York City. My life changed dramatically and I have the photos to prove it.

I challenged myself to find 10 photos that I took, one from each year that I have been NYC for this post. Of course, finding one photo to represent a whole year is impossible, so instead I picked out a photo from each year that is meaningful to me and has a story to tell.


2003 - G Beaudin and his Grandfather. This photo speaks to my beginnings in photography. G was one of the first people who liked my photography and he would hang my work on his walls. I was shooting a picture of my photos on his walls when he and his grandfather came into the room and embraced for this shot.


2004 - Katya - Newspaper Planet. G introduced me to Katya, who through the years has been a friend, co-worker, love, roommate, muse of mine, she is credited with trusting me with a camera before anyone previously. I owe her a great deal. For this shot I laid out newspapers and wrapped her in a comforter I had. I added the clouds later in photoshop.


2005 - Brandon & Leslie get jobs. My cousin Brandon and his girlfriend (now wife) Leslie had moved to NYC and were looking for jobs. It turns out that they both got hired on the same day! We went out to celebrate and I asked them to stand by the east river. I had been experimenting with my camera's manual features and I liked to create "light paintings." I popped the flash then opened the shutter and swung the camera around. I created 100's of photos like this in 2005.


2006 - Laurel - Ramble On. My 2006 was very focused on Laurel. My friend, my muse, my love... my timing of falling for someone just as they are planning to move from NYC was a tough lesson. After just a few years of living in NYC, I realized that people come to NYC and leave at a much higher rate than I was used to. I have watched too many friends and had too many lovers leave NYC and that is a sad truth about living in NYC. This picture was taken during one of our strolls in Central Park.


2007 - Eri & Rob at Podcamp NYC. I choose this photo for 2007 because this was a year of extreme social networking. When I look back at photos (and video) from 2007 I see tons of people I met through the internet. Some have remained wonderful friends and others have become "social network" friends. Eri and I were partners in crime. We had been writing for our podcast and building a website and we were looking for information at Podcamp NYC as to how to do it better.


2008 - Suicide Girls shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge. Before this day, I had never done a nude shoot at such a high profile place. Can't go into too much detail about this one, but I learned a lot that day. This shoot was a memorable one for many reasons.


2009 - Stephy-Love. In 2009 I was video-chatting up a storm with this one. I was in NYC, she was in Texas and for hours we would sit, starring into the cameras above our computers while making fools of ourselves. We had been online friends since around 2005, but had never met in person till 2009. I flew her from Texas to NYC and we spent a week exploring, having fun and taking photos.


2010 - Merry Christmas. Everyone who had a phone that takes pictures in 2010 will look back on their collection and notice something... FILTERS! Instagram, Hipstamatic, Camera+ and 100's more camera apps would be released in 2010 and in the years following. This was the year of my first iPhone and this would change photography and videography for me dramatically.

5th Avenue Apple Store - New Cube

2011 - 5th Avenue Apple Store - New Cube. I have a lot of history with this building and it has been like a second home for me. I've spent 5 of my 10 years in NYC, here at the famous 5th Avenue cube. I am happy to take pictures here.


2012 - Perspective. I was thinking about which photo to choose for 2012 and I came across this one. I called it "Perspective" and after 10 years, you certainly have a lot of that. The location is Soho, which is a place I almost moved to 10 years ago. The subject is a friend, muse and love all wrapped in one and she is looking into the distance. I can't think of a better way to end a post about my thoughts on my last 10 years in NYC than with a look into the future.

Thank you New York City... For 10 amazing years!

Happy Holidays from NYC!

I Heart NY, originally uploaded by Rob Boudon.

I heart NY


Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts, originally uploaded by Rob Boudon.

A few shots from an exclusive performance by Reggie Watts at TBWA in Manhattan.

Reggie Watts Reggie Watts - Stage Reggie Watts Reggie Watts